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Descripción: Desktop_Guitarist 2.0 Fully functional versatile guitar shareware. Easily generate chord charts, tablature and midi files. Intuitive user interface lets you enter music by clicking on the guitar neck. Many play back options, including step mode. Teaching mode allows display of text files and BMP graphics for students while the on-screen guitar plays examples and lesson material. Includes a lesson on chord theory and a lesson designed to help beginners have some fun with their guitar. Help file included with step-by-step tutorial. Desktop Guitarist can play background chords while you practice. Sections can be looped, playback speed can be adjusted for learning tunes or the music can also be played one line at a time. The 'Chord Finder' is a full chord reference which provides your choice of voicings for just about any chord. The 'Scale Finder', can find any scale and display it on the guitar neck. Chord charts and text tab can be printed or copied to the Windows clipboard for use in other programs. Includes music: chord solo for guitar plus rock, jazz & pop riffs as well as popular classical songs arranged for guitar. Things to try with Desktop Guitarist: * Go through the short tutorial and learn how to input chords by clicking on the guitar neck. Then you can press a function key to instantly generate tablature, a chord chart or a midi file. * Play the song 'Desktop Theme' on the 'Welcome' screen and watch as the current chord and scale are displayed on the top status bar while it plays. * Find any chord instantly with the 'Chord Finder'. Or you can find a bunch of chords and then print out a page of chord diagrams. * Take the lesson for beginners and have some fun with your guitar. * Take the lesson in chord theory and learn about music theory. * Tune up your guitar with the 'Tuning Notes' screen. Facts Objective Fact Operating Systems Windows 95/98/ME/NT3/NT4/2000/XP Supported languages English System requirements No special requirements Direct link http://www.simtel

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